VeloHuman is all about pro cycling commentary, committed to delivering previews and analysis of the biggest races on the calendar, as well as interviews with the pros who ride them.

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  1. I came across your blog while watching this years TDF and am rely enjoying your insight into each stage – brilliant…..mind you my £1 to wins have not come off yet!! So open this year 😉

    • Chris Froome’s absence and Nibali’s big gains on the cobbles blew this thing wide open! Makes it more fun to watch :-) Hope one of those bets comes good soon, I’ll keep trying to name the strongest favorites.

  2. I’ve been using your site as my go-to site for TDF advice since I found it a few days back. I’m happy to say that my position in TDF manager has gone up significantly just by trusting your suggestions of favorites!

    I was laughed at for picking Michael Rogers for stage 16, but I was the one laughing today :o)

    You are a genius, Dane Cash!

    • Glad I could help! Four more stages for you to fly up the the TDF manager leaderboard, best of luck :-) Stick around for the rest of the season… plenty more rider interviews and previews to come.

  3. Just wanted to say absolutely loved your blog. Just got into cycling and found your previews a perfect match to my novice watching of the tdf. Big thanks for helping people like me get a better understanding of it all. Cheers mate!

    • Thanks very much! Was a blast writing them. Stick around for the second half of the season! Lots of good racing to come.

  4. Hey guys, I think one pre-race show , one mid race show and one wrap up show would be a better format. Honestly I think the wrap up show with discussions of the implications going forward would make for the most interesting show of the three.

    • Heh either way, thanks for the feedback. We do it this way because we are primary a pre-race program, with the main focus on PREviewing the action. This way we can break down every stage of the race in advance.

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