A brief note on previews and the 2017 season


If you’ve been visiting VeloHuman.com at all this season you’ve probably noticed a dearth of content, and after several weeks of not updating anything I figured it would probably be best to at least post something to let readers know what’s up!

As you’ve surely seen if you follow @VeloHuman on Twitter, the Recon Ride has joined the Cyclingnews podcast this year. We’re quite excited about that! I’ve also joined the Cyclingnews editorial team for this season – about which I am also very excited.

VeloHuman has been previewing races for four years now and I’m very proud of all the pre-race analysis I’ve been able to do since my first race preview back in 2013. For the moment, however, I’ve gotten too busy to maintain the site and to continue previewing every race on the WorldTour calendar for VH while also doing pre-race analysis on the podcast and elsewhere. As such, VeloHuman will be taking a hiatus for the foreseeable future, at least insofar as written previews go.

I may come back to the preview-writing that got me started at some point down the road. We’ll see. For now, however, I’m pouring all my efforts into my work with Cyclingnews. I hope you’ll keep listening to the podcast at its new home, and stay in touch on Twitter!

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